What is SEO, What is SEM ? – Internet marketing tips

What is SEO? and What is SEM?  – Internet marketing tips

You have a brand new website and update it weekly. You rank high in the search engines, but you’re just not getting the website traffic you want. So you get on either Google or Bing and you do research on how to attract more attention to your website. What is SEO and What is SEM and why do I need it?

Looking deeper you find that having this type of knowledge on your side is a strategic tool to attract more customers online. Whether you decide to optimize your website or market your website, doing a little bit of both will give you the ultimate results. So what are the differences?

What is Seo? What is Sem? - Learn the difference between the two. Internet Marketing Tips


  • What is SEO ? – Search Engine Optimization strategically gains search engine’s interest by focusing your website on what search engines like. You gain more exposure when your website provides top content and user experience. There are many optimization tips and tricks out there, but what it really comes down to are your long term and short term goals. A great start would be to make sure your website has fresh content, correct code hierarchy and an updated blog.
  • What is SEM ? – Search Engine Marketing gets your website and company out there. Promoting your website through quick advertisements or creating keyword pay per click campaigns will get your product or service in the lime light. You will begin to see website traffic improvement almost right away. (Accurate readings will vary within 24 and 48 hours)If you’re seasoned or just starting out, doing your research first can help better prepare you when you need to make that next step into hire an SEO or SEM professional. You may find this method very freeing. It will decrease your concern of your online presence and open up your staff to more in-house projects. Optimization and Marketing can be powerful tools for your business. When gaining recognition online with goals and campaigns you will notice an increase of traffic on your website and a higher ranking on your favorite search engine. Keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages when targeting organic search results. For one, AdWords does not guarantee keyword performance, and second it could become pricey when in competition with companies that pay more for exposure. However, understanding the triumphs for SEO and SEM while still reading the fine print will give anyone successful campaigns.

What is Seo? What is Sem? -doing Internet marketing the correct way



Some of the methods that are used in practicing SEO include use of HTML and XML maps with some of the advanced measures being usage of XML Sitemaps and plain text files with URL names. SEM as a whole process includes many other features such as Pay per Click Advertising and Pay for Inclusion. These two methods help in having the marketing campaigns done quite belligerently and help in incorporating paid for listing. These paid for listings are a very effective way of drawing in user traffic and also a tested way of bringing in more crowds.

SEM is one of the most famous and renowned methods of internet marketing where the entity can be marketed through a barrage of methods where as SEO happens to be one of the most charismatic and efficient methods of optimizing websites. All the features that go into optimizing the website are very organic and ethical and represent the finest quality of authenticity. SEO ensures that when the user types in the necessary keyword, the website comes up in the first page of the search result pages within no time. SEM ensures that when the user searches for the concerned service over the web, then the portal promoting it is one of the first ones that come up.